Look through the links below to get an idea of what projects I have worked on. Or check out my github profile .

  • John hager info
    John Hager Info

    This is my personal website. Guest users can see a portfolio of my personal projects and my CV. There is also a contact page with all the various ways you can get in touch with me. In the admin area, I have a place to generate PDF invoices from my client database.

  • Mangdown

    This is the first major Ruby project that I worked on. It is a gem that allows you to download manga from the web. There are others like it, in python for example, but it was a great project for learning object oriented programming and using nokogiri.

  • Czech prague out

    This is a blog and business website for a travel consulting startup in Prague. Uses monologue for blogging and has a simple contact form with the mail_form gem.

Contact John

You can look for me as @jphager2 almost anywhere. If you can't find me there, just send me an email .

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